What Do Replacement Windows Cost?

With so many companies advertising windows as low as $189 installed and some estimates as high as $1,500 per window, how do you know what is a fair price? There are so many factors to consider:

White, hollow core, vinyl replacement windows are the least expensive, but also the least effective as a long term, attractive, energy efficient, barrier to the elements. ($275-$400 installed)

Expanded polystyrene foam insulated vinyl replacement windows provide a more energy efficient solution, especially when combined with an upgraded insulated glass package. With many different options for interior and exterior colors and grids to choose from, as well as the ability for a complete tear out and new construction install, these windows are the best current value. ($400-$1000 installed)

Wood replacement insert windows are a cost effective option to retain the look of real wood without the extra work of removing the entire existing window unit. We install these unfinished or prefinished for your convenience. ($550-$1200 installed)

Wood new construction window installations are the most energy efficient, long lasting, and beautiful solution for your home. By removing the entire existing window unit (sashes, jambs, head, and sill) we can expose the original rough opening. This allows us to make any needed repairs, properly insulate around the perimeter of the new window, as well as properly flash the exterior. You will not lose any glass like a replacement install. New interior and exterior trim, painted or stained to your preference, highlights your new window installation ($650-$1,500 installed)

Specialty windows such as bays, bows, custom sizes or shapes can range quite drastically, and will always be a new construction installation.