Lockport, NY Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Modern design trends are constantly changing, particularly in kitchen and bathroom styles. If your kitchen or bathrooms are even a few decades old, odds are both stylistically and technologically outdated. Rather than continue to suffer with plumbing, tile, and countertops that are woefully outdated, you should get kitchen or bathroom remodeling for your home from Built-Right Home Improvements.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling That Starts With You

Lockport Bathroom Remodeling

At Built-Right Home Improvements, we engage in a complete consultation with our customers before any kitchen or bathroom remodeling job. When you hire our services, a contractor will work with you to determine your precise needs and priorities, the amount you are willing to spend, and the results you want from the bathroom or kitchen remodeling job. Using local tile showrooms, our contractors can provide a hands on showroom that will help you visualize how your kitchen or bathroom will look after the remodeling job is complete.

Great communication, while critical to ensuring that our customers are happy with the work they receive, is just the first step of any remodeling project. The next step is building the final product that the customer is looking for. Our contractors are all licensed professionals who are overseen by an experienced contractor with over 15 years of experience performing kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs. Whether its a simple tear out and install job or it is a job that requires more complex skills like moving walls, plumbing, and cabinets our contractors have the experience and skill to do the job right. Additionally, we back the quality of our work with a five year guarantee.

Trust the Experts at Built-Right 

If you are considering bathroom or kitchen remodeling for your home, now is the perfect time to call Built-Right Home Improvements for a free consultation. We can help you discover how remodeling can make your water usage more efficient and potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on future utility bills, while also increasing the market value of your home. And while you are getting a consultation, ask us about custom tile installation. We specialize in that and even if you don't decide to get new tiles now, the information will almost certainly be useful for the future.

Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.